Monthly Archives: August 31, 2009

Music Video: "Warn Them" – The Welfare Poets

Title track from the “Warn Them” album, the latest release from The Welfare Poets. THE WELFARE POETS: The Welfare Poets are a collective of activists, educators, and artists together since 1990. Through teaching residencies and workshops, through activism around community struggles and through sharp-edged performances of music that incorporates Hip Hop, Bomba y Plena, Latin…read more

San Antonio Express-News: Keller is unsuited for top court job

The San Antonio Express-News, a newspaper that ran long articles covering each day of the trial of Judge Sharon Keller that took place in that city, says in an editorial today titled “Keller is unsuited for top court job” that “one step toward restoring confidence in the system is to hold Keller accountable for the…read more

DMN Editorial: Judge Keller's disappointing testimony

Dallas Morning News is the second newspaper in Texas after the Austin American-Statesman to publish an editorial following last week’s trial of Judge Sharon keller. It was impossible not to gasp last week when Texas Court of Criminal Appeals Presiding Judge Sharon Keller addressed the question of what she would do differently if she had…read more

Texas Executed an Innocent Person: Cameron Todd Willingham

The Chicago Tribune is breaking the story that the investigator for the Texas Forensic Science Commission is going to report that the fire for which Cameron Todd Willingham was sentenced to death for setting to murder his children was an accidental fire and not arson. Willingham always maintained his innocence. If the TFSC takes the…read more

NYT: An Unfit Judge

That’s the title of New York Times‘ Friday editorial calling for the removal of Judge Sharon Keller. Judge Sharon Keller, the Texas appellate court judge who closed the clerk’s office before a death row inmate could file a last-minute appeal, is fighting to keep her job. At a hearing on Wednesday, she said in a…read more

Evidence Presented at Trial Supports Removal of Sharon Keller from CCA

Students Against the Death Penalty which joined Texas Moratorium Network in filing a judicial complaint against Sharon Keller in November 2007, has monitored the trial of Sharon Keller and finds the evidence presented at trial supports the severest sanctions against Keller – her removal from office for violating the Execution-Day Procedures of her court and…read more

Keller drags Texas through the mud

The following is last Monday’s Austin American-Statesman editorial on the trial of Judge Sharon Keller. As each side rests its case on Thursday, it is good to read this editorial again and remember that closing the courtroom at 5 PM was only one of the many outrageous decisions Sharon Keller has made during her career…read more

Judge Sharon Keller Trial: Lesson for Activists

The following article was in today’s New York Times. It is significant that this reprehensible, pro-prosecution judge, who has done so much more than kill Michael Richard by “closing at 5:00,” is now a defendant. It is important for all of us who are activists to recognize the role we play in bringing down capital…read more

Sharon Keller Trial – Day 1

A group of people who signed a judicial complaint against Judge Sharon Keller held a demonstration at the Bexar County Courthouse before Keller’s trial began. The trial took place in the courtroom of David Berchelmann jr, presiding judge of the 37th District Court. Pictures posted online. Inside the Courtroom Sharon Keller and her attorney Chip…read more