Monthly Archives: June 28, 2009

Austin Candlelight Vigil and Protest to Mourn those Killed in Iran

700 people gathered at the Pfluger pedestrian bridge in Austin, Texas on June 23 to mourn those killed and injured in Iran. Youtube link. Austin Protest Against Election Fraud in Iran. Youtube link. In light of the tragic and blatantly fraudulent presidential elections in Iran, Iranian citizens of Austin came together to hold a peaceful…read more

Join the Austin CEDP Action for Rob and Michael

AUSTIN, TX: Members of CEDP Austin are headed to the courthouse RIGHT NOW with a banner–to talk to the media, have a presence and demand DROP THE CHARGES NOW! Not doing anything right now? Go and join them. Call to find out where they’re at: 512-417-2241.

Breaking News: Yogurt shop defendants to be released on bail

Finally after 10 years in prison and in a stunning development, Judge Lynch has ordered the Yogurt shop defendants to being released on bail. If you are free please come to the Travis County Court House to welcome Michael Scott and Robert Springsteen. Statesman’s report: State District Judge Mike Lynch this morning ordered yogurt shop…read more

Journey of Hope in Magdeburg, Germany

By Daniela Turß (author of the article) and Insa Nieberg (translation) – both Amnesty International Magdeburg On Thursday the 14th of May 2009 the „Journey of Hope“stopped in Magdeburg. Three speakers from the United States shared their personal experiences with the death penalty with the audience at the Otto-von-Guericke University. Bill Pelke is a relative…read more

Sharon Keller's Trial to Be Held in San Antonio Instead of Austin

Counsel for the State Commission on Judicial Conduct and Judge Sharon Keller have agreed to hold the trial of Judge Sharon Keller in San Antonio, instead of Austin. The trial will be held in the newly renovated courtroom of David Berchelmann, Jr, presiding judge of the 37th District Court, 100 Dolorosa, San Antonio, Texas 78205….read more

Today in History: The Massacre at Lidice

On 10 June 1942, German Police Units destroyed the Czech town of Ledice (LED-ECHEE), shooting 167 male inhabitants, and sending the women and children to concentration camps. The town was razed off the map, plowed under, and all trace of it was obliterated. After the war, I believe only seven children were reunited with their…read more

Bob Ray Sanders on the 200th Execution Under Rick Perry

Bob Ray Sanders devotes his Sunday column to the 200th execution under Governor Rick Perry. Here are a few excerpts: Last Tuesday, as the state of Texas prepared to execute Terry Lee Hankins, people gathered in several U.S. cities and on two continents to mark a milestone in Rick Perry’s tenure as governor. Hankins, by…read more