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Statesman: Compensation for unjust convictions in Texas

The following is the Austin American-Statesman‘s editorial in support of the Timothy Cole Act, which passed the House last week and is waiting for the Senate’s vote. Compensation for unjust convictions in TexasTimothy Cole Act would honor signature victim of wrongful conviction who diedin prison. It’s rightly being named the Timothy Cole Act. And if…read more

Daily Texan: Support Keller impeachment

Support Keller impeachment Sharon Keller denied Michael Richard’s constitutional rights when she closed her courtroom at 5 p.m. and refused to accept his last-minute appeal (“Representative initiates efforts for impeachment of Sharon Keller,” April 28). Justice is not a 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. issue, and everyone deserves a fair hearing in the court of…read more

Report Fom Our Second Lobby Day Against the Death Penalty This Year

Yesterday, we were at the Texas capitol from 9:30 to 1 AM meeting with legislators about HB 2267 to end the death penalty under the Law of Parties, talking to the media and testifying at the hearing on the Sharon Keller impeachment resolution. We spoke with members of the Calendars Committee about the Law of…read more

Legislative testimony by TCRP board member and TCRP director regarding the proposed impeachment of Judge Sharon Keller:

A Letter to the House Committee on Judiciary & Civil JurisprudenceTexas Legislature Re: HR 480 (impeaching Judge Sharon Keller) Honorable Chair and Committee Members: As Director of a statewide civil rights nonprofit organization, I respectfullyurge passage of HR-480 so that the House of Representatives may begin theprocess of considering the impeachment of Judge Sharon Keller…read more

Live Blogginng From Texas Capitol

The hearing on Lon Burnam’s HR 480 has started. Click here to Watch a live streaming video of the Sharon Keller Impeachment HearingClick on Live Stream 4 to watch in the afternoon Texas Legislature WebsiteApril 27, 2009

Statesman: New claims in Bastrop murder appeal

Rodney Reed’s lawyers have cited new allegations of sexual misconduct against Jimmy Fennel in their latest appeal. Austin American Statesman has more details about the case. Reed was convicted in the 1996 Bastrop County murder of Stacey Stites, who was Fennell’s fiancée at the time. Reed has maintained his innocence, and his lawyers have suggested…read more

'Killer' Keller Digs Herself Deeper

This week’s issue of the Austin Chronicle has the following on the Sharon Keller’s case, Nearly two dozen legal ethicists have signed on to a declaration filed Tuesday with the State Commission on Judicial Con­duct calling for the ouster of Court of Criminal Appeals Presiding Judge Sharon “Killer” Keller. Keller will face a hearing this…read more

Charles T. Terrell on Innocence

The following is Charles T. Terrell’s letter to the editors of the Dallas Morning News. Mr. Terrell is the former chairman of the board, for Texas Criminal Justice Department. I join you in thanking and congratulating state Sen. Royce West and Sen. Rodney Ellis for their leadership in helping innocent people who may have spent…read more