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Lobby Day Against the Death Penalty at the Texas Capitol

Tuesday March 24, 2009Texas State Capitol11th and CongressAustin, Texas Register for Lobby Day! People from across Texas are coming to Austin on Tuesday, March 24, for a Death Penalty Reform Lobby Day to speak with legislators about the injustice of the Texas death penalty system. Issues to be discussed include the risk of executing an…read more

US Senator Russ Feingold reintroduces bill to abolish federal death penalty

More on S.650 is here:|/bss/d111query.html|The text of S.650 will be at: – – – – –, March 19, 2009 FEINGOLD REINTRODUCES BILL TO ABOLISH FEDERAL DEATH PENALTYFeingold’s Longtime Effort Comes as New Mexico Repeals Death Penalty Washington, D.C. – As momentum builds in states to abolish the death penalty,U.S. Senator Russ Feingold reintroduced legislation…read more

Jeff Wood loses federal appeal

Jeff Wood has lost a recent federal appeal. The ruling is online. There are two bills pending in the Texas Legislature that would prevent prosectors from seeking the death penalty for people who do not kill but are convicted under the Law of Parties. Michael Graczyk of Austin American Statesman reports: A Texas death row…read more

Live blogging the New Mexico Death Penalty Bill

The Santa Fe Reporter will be live blogging when the repeal of the death penalty bill hits the New Mexico Senate floor tomorrow. They’ve got everything set up there, where you can participate in the discussion and listen to the live feed.

New Hell Hole News#8, FEBRUARY 13, 2009

Note: The following are taken from the diaries of death-row inmate Hank Skinner and do not represent views of the Texas Death Penalty blog or SADP. We have posted them because of several requests from our readers about the daily life on death-row. Welcome to yet another edition of the damnedest stuff you ought not…read more

Second Sharon Keller Incident Reported to Commission on Judicial Conduct

According to the Dallas Morning News, Judge Sharon Keller might have been involved in another misconduct, this time over the case of Larry Swearingen who has a strong claims of innocence. By STEVE McGONIGLE / The Dallas Morning News Just weeks before the presiding judge of the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals was charged with…read more

Pastor: Stop executions

In offering Monday’s prayer in the House, the Rev. Michael Piazza of Dallas used the podium to back a moratorium on the death penalty. Just briefly. Before starting his prayer, Piazza, pastor of the Cathedral of Hope church, noted that more than 1,000 members of his congregation had signed a petition seeking a moratorium and…read more

The Procession for the Future visits Austin

Austin Schedule: The Procession for the Future visits AustinMarch 12-14 Saturday’s parade starts at NOON and terminatesat Capital with music & speakers from 2-4 pm Thursday, March 12Arts for Social Change Workshop 7-9 pm at Parlin Hall 201Drumming for Demonstrations Workshop 9-10 pm (PAR 201) Friday, March 13Creative Tactics Training 3-5 pm at Calhoun Hall…read more

Capital Punishment: An Indictment by a Death-Row Survivor

Arcade Publishing has published a book titled Capital Punishment: An Indictment by a Death-Row Survivor by Billy Wayne Sinclair and Jodie Sinclair, with a foreword by Sister Helen Prejean, who calls the book “a searing condemnation and a powerful guide to the futility and arrogance of the death penalty carried out in the name of…read more