Monthly Archives: January 30, 2009

Kerry Cook and the SMU screening of "The Exonerated"

On Friday night a film screening of “The Exonerated” will precede a question and answer session from a man on which one of the movie’s characters was based: Kerry Max Cook, an innocent man convicted of capital murder in 1977. After spending 22 years on death row, DNA testing exonerated him from the crime. Rick…read more

Dr. Glenn Larkin on Larry Swearingen

The following is a short addendum sent to me by Dr. Glenn Larkin, one of the pathologists quoted in the Larry Swearingen article I post a few days ago. A short addendum to this article:— Larry Swearingen Even the circumstantial evidence is raunchy, as well as some of the physical evidence. 1) The pubic hair…read more

Death Penalty Clinic at Berkeley Law

The Death Penalty Clinic opened its doors in August 2001. The clinic’s mission is to offer a program that helps students develop outstanding legal skills and to serve clients facing capital punishment. These complex cases teach students about law, courts, and the justice system, and prepare them to enter the profession with a commitment to…read more

Statesman: U.S. Court stops execution that Texas courts wouldn't

The Austin American-Statesman has a great editorial today about the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals and Gov. Rick Perry’s failure and carelessness to prevent execution of a possibly innocent death-row inmate. Once again, a federal court has had to intervene to prevent Texas from executing a death row inmate whose conviction is in doubt. The…read more

Four pathologists back Swearengen's innocence claim

Chuck Lindel of Austin American-Statesman is reporting that four pathologists, including one who helped to send Swearingen to death-row, now believe that he was innocent of the 1998 murder. By Chuck LindellAMERICAN-STATESMAN STAFF Saturday, January 24, 2009 Four forensic pathologists agree that Larry Swearingen, set to be executed Tuesday, could not have committed the 1998…read more

Houston Chronicle: Room for doubt

Houston Chronicle’s editorial board supports a stay of execution for Larry Swearingen pending reconsideration of evidence. Larry Ray Swearingen has lived on Texas death row for eight years, convicted of the rape-murder of a Montgomery County coed in 1998. He is scheduled for execution by lethal injection in Huntsville next Tuesday, despite the fact that…read more

Texas Monthly: The Science of Murder

Someone killed Melissa Trotter and dumped her body in the Sam Houston National Forest. But according to six forensic experts, that someone was not Larry Swearingen. Michael Hall of Texas Monthly reports: Innocent men in prison often have two things in common. They stubbornly refuse to plead guilty, even if it means a reduced sentence…read more


Another round of DNA testing and… THE DNA EXONERATES ROB SPRINGSTEEN AND MICHAEL SCOTT! It’s Time for Travis County to Drop the charges in the Yogurt Shop Case! Saturday, January 24 3 pm – Meet at D.A.’s office, 11th and Lavaca March to City Hall 3:45 – Rally at City Hall, 1st and Lavaca. Speakers…read more