Monthly Archives: October 30, 2008

Witness to Innocence's press conference at the Texas Capitol

Witness to Innocence’s Friday news conference should be available for viewing at: It will be the Live Stream from the Speaker’s Committee Room. The news conference is scheduled for 2:00 p.m., Central Daylight Time. Real Player is required for viewing the webcast. Also TSADP will post the complete video on youtube after the event.– –…read more

Louisiana Court of Appeals Trashed 2,500 Habeas Patitions

A 2007 suicide note by a clerk of the Louisiana Court of Appeals who killed himself at the courthouse revealed that 2500 prisoner petitions had been summarily rejected over a period of 13 years without having been read. According to a reporter, “Although every criminal writ application is supposed to be reviewed by three judges,…read more

Carolyn LeCroy of The Message Project selected as CNN's Top 10 Hero

One of the folks in the running to be dubbed “CNN Hero of the Year” is Carolyn LeCroy, an ex-prisoner who started a small non-profit called The Messages Project that helps prisoners and their children maintain and “repair” their relationships through video messages. See The winning Hero will be featured in the CNN Thanksgiving…read more

Press Advisory: The 9th Annual March to End Executions

PRESS ADVISORY October 24, 2008 Contacts: Gloria Rubac 713-503-2633 Dan Sharber 713-560-7227 The 9th Annual March to End Executions to Focus on the Flaws of the Death Penalty in Texas; Exoneree Clarence Brandley to Speak along with Several Death Row Families Hundreds of death penalty opponents will gather in Houston on Saturday, October 25, for…read more

All Visits in Texas Prisons Cancelled

(Please disseminate to your respective group members) EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY – As a result of a system-wide lock-down, all visitation during the week of October 21-26, 2008 will be cancelled to allow units to conduct security searches. Please continue to check the TDCJ website or contact the TDCJ Ombudsman Coordinator’s Office, 936-437-8035, for updates regarding visitation…read more

Broken Radio Antenna at Polunsky Unit

I’m sure some of you have had your guys complain about the broken antenna on the death row bldg. It’s been about 3 months now that’s it’s been that way, and a lot of the guys are really upset about it. Some areas get perfect reception, most do not.. some guys are only able to…read more

My trip to Texas Death Row

By Christyn Truman As usual, my trips to Texas are always bittersweet. I knew this one would be hard because I was visiting death row for the first time. I played in my mind everything that I expected to happen, and everything I would feel. However, I was not ready for the actual flood of…read more

Map of Executions in U.S. Since 1977

The total number of executions represented in this map is three less than the grand total, because three executions were conducted by the federal government and not by a state.

Troy Davis – updated actions and execution warrant

Hello all, An execution warrant has now been issued for Troy Davis – commencing on October 27. The exact date of his execution will be set shortly, but will likely the 27th (the warrant lasts for one week, and the date is generally set for the first day of the warrant period). For those who…read more