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Ramsey Clark's Letter for Jeff Wood

RAMSEY CLARK 37 WEST 12TH STREET NEW YORK, N.Y. 10011 212-989-6613 212-979-1583 FAX August 12, 2008 The Honorable Rick Perry Governor, State of Texas State Capitol, Room 2S.I Austin, Texas 78701 Ms. Rissie Owens, Chair Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles 8610 Shoal Creek Boulevard Austin, Texas 78757 Re: Jeffrey Wood, TDJC No. 999256 Dear…read more

Washington Post: Texas's Disdain

Thats the title of Washington Post editorial about the José Ernesto Medellí. THE STATE of Texas had an opportunity this week to display a victor’s grace. Instead, it rebuffed pleas by the U.S. secretary of state and the U.S. attorney general for help in resolving an international dispute and in the process gave the back…read more

Ralph Nader on death penalty

Ralph Nader visited Austin a few weeks ago and during his press conference we asked about his position on the death penalty. You can also view the full video of his campaign rally here.

Texas Man Who Didn't Kill to Be Executed

Thats the title of ABC News article about execution of Jeff Wood. Texas is scheduled to put a man to death this month even though he never killed anyone, in what apparently would be the first execution of its kind in more than a decade. Texas death row inmate Jeff Wood and his wife Kristin….read more

Heliberto Chi execution report from Huntsville, Texas

Fellow Abolitionists, Tonight, Texas again did the unthinkable—it ignored the international law that guarantees someone arrested in a foreign country the right to see a representative of their country or origin. And, not only did they thumb the nose at international law, but also at a treaty signed by the US and Honduras back in…read more

Will an unjust law claim another victim?

Thats the title of Bryan McCann’s article for the Socialist Worker about the execution of Jeff Wood. Bryan McCann of the Campaign to End the Death Penalty explains that Texas’ Law of Parties–under which defendants can be held responsible for murder just by being at the scene–is poised to take another life. August 5, 2008…read more

Copy of Jeff Wood Clemency Petition

Clemency Petition for Jeff Wood to Texas Governor and Board of Pardons and Paroles – Upload a Document to Scribd Read this document on Scribd: Clemency Petition for Jeff Wood to Texas Governor and Board of Pardons and Paroles

Watch the Birds beat Texas with MD CASE

As anti-death penalty activists, we can easily admit that it is very hard to beat the death penalty in Texas. But with the upcoming death penalty hearing in Annapolis, we might have a chance to beat the death penalty in Maryland. Click here to buy tickets!

Lawrence Foster, Grandfather of Kenneth Foster, Jr. on Jeff Wood

The following video is from last Monday’s death penalty panel discussion at the Monkeywrench books in Austin. Visit Stop Executions blog for Mr. Foster’s statement that was read at the Save Jeff Wood rally in San Antonio on August 2, 2008.

Statement by the Council of Europe Secretary General Terry Davis

Press release – 570(2008) Execution in Texas: US should end its pick and choose attitude towards international law Statement by Council of Europe Secretary General Terry Davis Strasbourg, 06.08.2008 – “I am most concerned by the execution of Mexican national José Medellin yesterday in Texas. Mr Medellin was not informed of his right to consular…read more