Monthly Archives: June 27, 2008

Artificial brain predicts death-row executions

That is the title of New Scientist article about the brain and death penalty. (Access to full article requires a $5.95 subscription to the magazine. You can read the study abstract or full study for free.) Intro to New Scientist article… WHICH inmates on death row will eventually be executed? Many never make the final…read more

Why I Oppose the Death Penalty

As an African American woman living in Oakland, whose brother was murdered, I strongly oppose the death penalty. More than anything, I want to live in a safe community—a community where my six sons and my daughter are able to pursue all of theirs dreams without fear of becoming another number in the city homicide…read more

Mexico asks World Court to halt U.S. executions

Here is a Reuters article from last week. By Emma Thomasson THE HAGUE (Reuters) – Mexico asked the World Court on Thursday to take urgent steps to stop imminent U.S. executions of five Mexicans on death row who were denied their rights to consular assistance. One of the five, Jose Medellin, is due to die…read more

A plea from Terri Been, Jeff Wood's sister

Hello. My name is Terri Been and I am a Texas republican who is AGAINST the death penalty. I am sorry to say that it was not always this way as I was raised to believe in the death penalty; BUT my views changed over 10 years ago when I was thrust unwillingly into the…read more

Introducing A Boy Named Rocky: A Coloring Book for the Children of Incarcerated Parents.

This coloring book will help children discuss and understand their feelings. It can be used in educational, therapeutic, and family settings to explore loss and help maintain family cohesiveness during parent-child separation. Children with incarcerated parents are an invisible population. There is no one agency that is responsible for them and their welfare. Nationwide, more…read more

Supreme Court rejects death penalty for raping children

The Court has released the opinion in Kennedy v. Louisiana (07-343), on whether the Eighth Amendment prohibits states from imposing the death penalty for child rape, and, if not, whether Louisiana’s statute fails to narrow the class of offenders eligible for the death penalty. The Supreme Court ruled that it is unconstitutional to impose the…read more

KXAN: Judge rejects ex-Georgetown sergeant's plea bargain

Here is the Jimmy Fennel update from KXAN: GEORGETOWN, Texas (KXAN) — A judge on Tuesday rejected the plea bargain presented in the case of Jimmy Fennell, the former Georgetown police officer charged with sexual assault. Fennell pleaded guilty to kidnapping and sexual misconduct last month. It is rare for a judge to reject a…read more

15th Annual Fast and Vigil Approaching

Taken from Abolish blog. Every year, for the past fifteen years, from June 29 – July 2nd, something amazing happens in Washington, DC. Abolitionists from around the country and world come together for a four day Fast and Vigil to Abolish the Death Penalty. They set-up shop on the sidewalk of the U.S. Supreme Court…read more