Monthly Archives: May 30, 2008

Cuba to commute death sentences

I just found this BBC News article from April 29 in my inbox about Raul Castro’s commutation of death sentences. Cuba’s President Raul Castro says nearly all death sentences are to be commuted to prison terms of between 30 years and life. It is the latest in a series of liberalising measures. Mr Castro said…read more

Inside the Architecture of Authority

Wired Magazine has published a collection of photographs by Richard Ross titled, “Inside the Architecture of Authority.” The first picture is the death chamber at Louisiana State Penitentiary in Angola. A new book by photographer Richard Ross, Architecture of Authority, examines the way institutional buildings exert power over people. Ross managed to gain impressive access…read more

Mike Kennedy, RIP

I first met Mike Kennedy during the annual Fast and Vigil to Abolish the Death penalty and later several times in Texas, including the 2007 Journey of Hope. Abe Bonowitz’s has done a blog post about Mike Kennedy which I am copying here. More is here. People who didn’t know Mike but saw him could…read more

Collin County DA admits Michael Blair should not be on death row

Months after DNA evidence proved that a hair used to connect Michael Blairto Ashley Estell did not belong to either person, the Collin County DA hasfinally admitted that Michael Blair’s conviction cannot stand. On deathrow, he is case number 999122, but he won’t be there for long. Don’t worry, though. Because this man has confessed…read more

Listen to Rev. Carroll Pickett interviewed on Fresh Air

You can listen to the interview at: 19, 2008 | Fresh Air from WHYY | 39 min 19 sec Legal AffairsChaplain Discusses ‘Death House’ Ministry Reverend Carroll Pickett was the death-house chaplain at the Walls prison unitin Huntsville, Texas for 13 years. During his tenure, he ministered to 95inmates executed by lethal injection. Because he…read more

Reverend Carroll Pickett on NPR's Fresh Air

Reverend Carroll Pickett, the subject of “At the Death House Door” will be interviewed today on NPR’s Fresh Air. Tune in to your local NPR station to listen. The archive will be posted online at 3pm Eastern Time:

People Scheduled to be Executed in Texas

Legal Lynching Date + No. for TX Last Name First Name TDCJ Number Date of Birth Race County 06/03/2008 – Tuesday — #406 Sonnier Derrick 999054 10/26/1967 B Harris 06/11/2008 – Wednesday #407 Chamberlain Karl 999241 06/20/1970 W Dallas 06/17/2008 – Tuesday — #408 Hood Charles 000982 08/20/1969 W Collin 07/10/2008 –Thursday — #409 Turner…read more

State needs innocence commission

That is the title of Dallas Morning News‘ recent editorial calling for creation of Texas Innocence Commission. A poignant drama unfolded in the state Capitol last week that should have been witnessed by all Texans. Nine men at a head table in the Senate chamber looked out at a sea of faces and shared stories…read more

Protest at yogurt shop case hearing for Michael Scott

TELL TRAVIS COUNTY: DROP ALL THE CHARGES, BRING THEM HOME NOW! Wednesday, May 14th at 1PMTravis County Courthouse Plaza, off Lavaca between 10th and 11th. Things are heating up in the Yogurt Shop case! As many of you may know, long time CEDP member Jeannine Scott is fighting for her husband Michael Scott, who was…read more