Monthly Archives: March 25, 2008

Prison Board to Have Open comments this Thursday

Dear Fellow Activists, On Thursday, the Texas Board of Criminal Justice will be meeting in Austin and this is one of only two times each year when the public can address this board on any issue they choose. the next one is in July. This board controls the lives of all those in Texas prisons….read more

Message & Call to Action from Kenneth Foster

March 18, 2008 Dear Friends, I know that many of you have been waiting for some official words from me since I’ve been at my new Unit. And I apologize for the delay. I had hoped, when I made my first journal, that I could bring some good news. Of course the good news remains…read more

Podcast: Bryan McCann on Debating the Death Penalty

DC Tedrow of The New Texas Radical has published a Podcast of the workshop by Bryan McCann on debating the death penalty. On March 11, 2008, McCann gave a talk at UT-Austin on debating the death penalty, focusing on knowing one’s audience, providing a framework for debate, specific death penalty cases, and the state of…read more

Spring Break in the Belly of the Beast

Alternet has published an article by UT’s Bryan McCann about the 2008 Anti-Death Penalty Alternative Spring Break. By Bryan McCann, AlterNet. Posted March 19, 2008.At the Anti-Death Penalty Alternative Spring Break in Texas, students learn what it takes to fight state killing — against all odds. It’s easy to pity the Texas death penalty abolitionist….read more

A Broken System – Crying out For Justice

2007 – 2008 National Speaking Tour In Austin, April 9, 2008 7 PM at UT, The Texas Union Chicano Culture Room, 4.206 Featuring Mothers of Texas Death Row Prisoners: Sandra Reed – mother of Rodney Reed Anna Terrell – mother of Reginald Blanton Lee Greenwood – mother of Joseph Nichols, killed March 7, 2007 A…read more

People's Tribunal Against the Death Penalty

One of the events during last week’s anti-death penalty spring break was the People’s Tribunal Against the Death Penalty. During the tribunal, students and members of the public put the death penalty “on trial.” It was conducted as a sort of public “trial” at which the “defendant” was the death penalty. At the end judge…read more

Georgia Supreme Court to Troy Davis: Innocence doesn't matter

Capital Defense Weekly just reported that the Georgia Supreme Court denied a new trial for Troy Davis. According to Karl Keys, “In a sharp 4-3 decision the Georgia Supreme Court denies relief over a strong claim of innocence. The evidence of innocence, the majority holds, comes too late.” For the reasons set forth below, we…read more

New Writing and Poem by Kenneth Foster/Haramia KiNassor

As I look out my window….the building looks just like death row. I can’t help but to stare at it. The building is the same. The windows are the same. Even the area surrounding it is almost identical. I can’t seem to take my eyes off the building. I watch it as if it was…read more

2008 Alternative Spring Break Schedule

Below is the schedule for 2008. There may still be some slight changes. Go to TSADP blog for daily spring break blogs by participants. Monday, March 10 Before 2 PM Housing check-in for people who have signed up for housing. We have rented several hotel rooms. We will let you know the locations of the…read more

The Roosevelt Institution New Deal Essay Contest

Co-Sponsored by The NationThe Roosevelt Institution is asking students what relevance FDR and the New Deal have for the 21st Century. The winning essay, or excerpts, will be published in The Nation and the author will be awarded $500. The top five submissions will be published at StudentNation. To take part, click here. The deadline…read more