Monthly Archives: January 11, 2008

The Death Penalty – Does it Really Deter?

One of the most referred-to arguments by proponents of the death penalty is that of deterrence, the idea that when people are executed by the death penalty, other are discouraged from committing crimes that warrant death as a punishment. This is made on the behalf of social utility – we should do that which benefits…read more

Jimmy Fennell to resign after being briefly reinstated

Austin American-Statesman is reporting that Jimmy Fennell who was fired by the George Town Police Department, and then reinstated because of the technical error is planning to resign from the police force. Bob Phillips, Fennell’s criminal defense attorney, said Fennell plans to send a letter of resignation to the department today. Earlier this week Austin…read more


Directed by Ryan Polomski and Frank Bustoz. This 60 minute film documents the questionable murder conviction of Bastropresident Rodney Reed. Rodney was convicted of killing Stacey Stites on asingle piece of DNA evidence, which was explained by the romanticrelationship the two had. However, defense lawyers failed to establish thisconnection at trial. In addition, strong evidence…read more

John G Spirko's death sentence commuted to LWOP

Today Tennessee Gov. Ted Strickland commuted death sentence of John G. Spirko to LWOP, short of the clemency request filed by his attorneys. TCASK will probably have some more updates soon. In a statement, the governor said, John Spirko was convicted, by a jury, of a heinous murder. At times, when he wasn’t denying having…read more

Huckabee highlights pro-life hypocrisy

Mike Huckabee surprised everyone by winning the Republican primary in Iowa. Los Angeles Times has published an op-ed by one of our board members titled, “Huckabee highlights pro-life hypocrisy.” Huckabee highlights pro-life hypocrisy The Times should have highlighted the inconsistencies in the presidential candidate’s positions. By Elliot Slosar January 4, 2008 In its editorial on…read more

Another Texas man freed after 26 years in prison

Associates Press is reporting that Charles Chatman has been freed after spending 26 years in prison for a crime he did not commit. Charles Chatman, 47, was released on his recognizance as several of his eight siblings cheered. He was freed on the basis of new DNA testing that lawyers say proves his innocence and…read more

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