Monthly Archives: December 4, 2007

5 Reasons To Oppose the Death Penalty:

A Presentation and Discussion.Wednesday, December 12 at 7PMUT Campus, NOA Room 1.126On Wichita (three blocks east of Guadalupe) between Dean Keeton & 27th St.There are many reasons to oppose capital punishment! However, at this meeting, members of the Campaign to End the Death Penalty will focus on these five: It’s racist. It punishes the poor….read more

Murder Victims' Families Speak Out Against the Death Penalty

As an anti-death penalty activist one of the questions that I often hear is “If one of your loved ones was murdered. Do you still support the death penalty?” It is hard to answer this question since I have never been in that situation. However, I can always point out to many Murder Victim’ Families…read more