Monthly Archives: November 3, 2007

Houston Chronicle: Welcome Pause

Houston Chronicle has an editorial today welcoming Harris County’s DA decision to stop executions while Supreme Court is reviewing constitutionality of Lethal Injection. In the nation’s capital of capital punishment, death will take a holiday. In an overdue decision, Harris County Assistant District Attorney Roe Wilson confirmed that her office will suspend requests for execution…read more

Atwood: Capital punishment is unnecessary

Here is David Atwood’s column in yesterday’s Austin American Statesman. Murder is a horrible thing. The pain and suffering experienced by the victim and his/her family and friends are beyond description. However, is capital punishment the proper response of a civilized society to this horrible crime? The current debate about capital punishment is whether lethal…read more

More papers calling for electronic filings

Austin American-Statesman has this editorial titled, “Taking justice down to the wire.” More than 300 lawyers have filed a petition with the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals, asking it to join the 21st century by allowing the electronic filings of court documents in capital murder cases. It shouldn’t be, but it is – literally –…read more

Greg Abbott has the authority to halt an execution

Robert Ratcliffe of Houston Chronicle is reporting that Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott’s aides “aggressively” pressed for Richard’s recent execution even though they knew Sharon Keller closed the clerk’s office promptly at 5 p.m. According to David Dow, Abbott did have the authority to halt the execution knowing an appeal was going to be filed…read more

Hello? Hello?! Criminal justice

Fort Worth Star-Telegram has another editorial bashing Judge Sharon Keller’s action. About 1200 people have signed the judicial complaint against Keller. Sign it here. During Presiding Judge Sharon Keller’s tenure, the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals has been derided for seeing no harm when lawyers commit obvious errors. In its zeal to uphold convictions come…read more

5,000,000 signatures for moratorium collected

The community of Sant’Egidio and the World Coalition Against the Death Penalty have collected five millions signatures from around the world calling for a moratorium on executions. According to their press release, A delegation of anti-death penalty activists from around the world will meet with the President of the United Nations General Assembly, Mr. Srgian…read more