Monthly Archives: November 10, 2007

Live blogging from CEDP Convention in Chicago

I’m live blogging from the Campaign to End the Death Penalty’s annual convention at the University of Chicago. Currently about 100 people are listening to Barbara Becnel, Stan Tookie William’s advocate/editor talking about her struggle to save life of Tookie Williams. Before her Kenneth Foster jr, read an inspirational letter from his son Kenneth Foster….read more

Repudiating Keller: Presiding judge slapped by rules change

Thats the title of Houston Chronicle’s editorial on Court of Criminal Appeals recent rule change allowing the electronic filing of appeals in the death penalty appeals. The members of the Court of Criminal Appeals who supported instituting e-mail filings should be commended for taking a necessary step to restore the image of Texas jurisprudence. That…read more

CEDP's Seventh Annual National Convention

November 10-11, Chicago, IllinoisKeynote Speaker: Sister Helen Prejean Please join us for a powerful and inspirational weekend that will be filled with stories and insight about how to further our struggle to abolish the death penalty. Registration for the two-day conference is $50. Student and family member registration is $25. Scholarships are available for former…read more

Texas Monthly: Impeach Sharon Keller!

Texas Monthly has called on Impeachment Judge Sharon Keller. According to their blog, the editorial will be published in their December issue, which goes to the printer today: Four hours before convicted murderer Michael Richard was executed by the State of Texas on September 25, his lawyers notified the Court of Criminal Appeals that, because…read more

Sharon Keller getting closer to have a day in the court of law

American Rights Association is filing a law suit against CCA Judge Sharon”We close at 5:00″ Keller on behalf of the wife of Michael Richard, the last person executed in the US since the Supreme Court agreed to hear two Kentucky cases challenging the method of lethal injection. She is being sued to get the court…read more

CCA enter the 21st century

Texas Court of Criminal Appeals announced today that they will accept emergency appeals through email for death penalty cases. Download file here. We will hold a protest at the Court of Criminal Appeals on November 14 starting at 4:45 pm calling for resignation of Judge Sharon Keller and also delivering more than 1200+ complaints against…read more

Happy fifth of November

Remember, RememberThe fifth of November,The gunpowder treason and plot.I know of no reasonWhy the gunpowder treasonShould ever be forgot. But what of the man? I know his name was Guy Fawkes and I know that in 1605 he attempted to blow up the houses of parliament, but who was he really? What was he like?…read more

Texas slammed the door on a death-row appeal

Thats the title of Corpus Christi Caller-Times editorial on execution of Michael Richard, calling the Court of Criminal Appeals an “antiquated government office.” Two points have emerged amidst the outrage over the refusal of Keller to keep the doors of justice open. The first is that the Court of Criminal Appeals is an antiquated government…read more