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Vote for ABA Blawg Poll

There are two great death penalty blogs selected for the ABA’s Blawg Poll which I recommend you voting for. The first one is Karl Key’s Capital Defense Weekly, the best source for extensive information and analysis of the death penalty court cases and litigation. The second is Grits For Breakfast which posts about everything from…read more

Daniel Andrade's introduction of the Death Penalty Art Show

Daniel Andrade introduces some of the art pieces featured at the “Justice for ALL?” art show. The death penalty art show premiered in Austin at Gallery Lombardi from May 6-22, 2006. It was exhibited in Houston at M2 from February 10 – 18,

Death Penalty Calendar

h/t to Prof. Rick Halperin January 1Texas re-legalizes death penalty post-Furman, 1974 January 5Westley Dodd becomes the first state inmate to be executed in the modernera – 1993 Washington (he’s hanged) January 6George Mercer becomes the first state inmate to be executed in the modernera – 1989 Missouri January 6Keith Wells becomes the first state…read more

Texas Monthly: Motion to Dismiss – It is time for Sharon Keller to go

Thats title of the Texas Monthly’s new editorial calling for impeachment of Sharon Keller. Fellow judge Tom Price said the decision made the Texas court a “national laughingstock.” Well, no one is laughing now. When a man’s life is on the line—to say nothing of the U.S. Constitution—our top criminal judge should behave like one:…read more

Sharon keller's Dignity Index rating: 32

Sharon Keller has topped this week’s Newsweek Dignity Index. The Dignity Index is a weekly mathematical survey of bad behavior that measures, on a scale of 1 to 100, just how low a person can go. Texas Judge Sharon Keller refuses to keep her court open an extra 20 minutes so lawyers could fix a…read more

Keller's court remains open after 5 PM

Today, the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals stayed open late accepting letters from the public urging Judge Sharon Keller to resign. On Sept 25, Keller closed the court sharply at 5, saying “We close at five”, but today the court stayed open for business past 5 accepting letters urging Keller to resign. This shows how…read more

New Jersey Votes On Death Penalty Ban

The New Jersey Assembly will vote on Dec. 13 whether to abolish the death penalty. What do you think? The Onion Kira Hauser, Registered Nurse “That’s good, but I’d still rather kill people in New York.” Ed Dolby, Vending Machine Reapairman“Hey, I’m all for the decision, just as long as New Jersey doesn’t get rid…read more

Come Deliver the Peoples' Judicial Complaint Against Judge Keller

Why: Judge Sharon Keller has violated the Judicial Code of Conduct and damaged the integrity of the Texas judiciary. She should resign or be removed from office. On Sept 25, Keller said “We close at 5” and refused to accept an appeal 20 minutes after 5pm from a man set to be executed at 6…read more

Weekly roundup

PIcture: Matt Rainey/The Star Ledger The state of New Jersey will be voting in the coming weeks to abolish the death penalty and we are expecting it to pass. I know this because last Friday the New Jersey Assembly speaker, Joe Roberts held a press conference with Sister Helen Prejean announcing his support of the…read more