Monthly Archives: October 3, 2007

We Close at 5

Thats title of today’s Dallas Morning News editorial about execution of Michael Richard. As Scott Cobb of TMN has mentioned, “Somebody should buy Texas Defender Service some new computers and a heart for the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals.” What’s 20 minutes to you? Two miles on the expressway during rush hour? Time to slurp…read more

Appeals court halts execution of Honduran man

The state’s highest criminal appeals court today halted the scheduledexecution Wednesday of a Honduran man and asked for the prison system torespond in writing as to whether lethal injection is unconstitutionallycruel. Heliberto Chi, 28, was convicted in the 2001 killing of an Arlington storemanager. His appeal was partly based on the U.S. Supreme Court’s decisionlast…read more

Nueces D.A. won't seek death penalty while Supreme Court has yet to rule

Caller TimesBy Mary Ann Cavazos (Contact) Monday, October 1, 2007 CORPUS CHRISTI — The Nueces County District Attorney’s Office put a hold on seeking the death penalty in capital murder cases on Monday in light of the Supreme Court’s decision last week to hear a case that questions whether lethal injection is cruel and unusual…read more

Atlanta Journal Constitution: Death penalty unfair, must be abolished

Atlanta Journal-Constitution has joined Chicago Tribune and Dallas Morning News by calling for abolition of the death penalty. Georgia’s death penalty law can and should be updated to try to wring as much unfairness as possible from the system, but reform can never eradicate the possibility of error, and it can never remove human bias…read more

New trial for Robert Fratta

Houston Chronicle is reporting that a federal judge has ordered a new trial for a former Missouri City public safety officer sentenced to death for masterminding the fatal shooting of his wife. Although U.S. District Judge Melinda Harmon granted the trial without comment, attorneys for Robert Fratta based his appeal on what they said was…read more

Council of Europe Secretary General on the refusal to end lethal Injections in Texas

Strasbourg, 01.10.2007 – The authorities in Texas are showing an incredible disregard for human lives as well as for the United States Supreme Court. Last week several US states halted executions pending the examination of the constitutionality of lethal injections by the US Supreme Court, but the Attorney General of Texas seems unperturbed, and several…read more


Gather with Rodney’s family and friends for and evening of solidarity and struggle. WITH AUSTIN BAND DIASPORIC! Starting with a march through Bastrop, followed by music & spoken word, and ending with a screening of the documentary State vs Reed. With food and drink. NEW TRIAL NOW! NO EXECUTION! IN BASTROP, TEXAS SATURDAY, OCTOBER 13TH…read more

Major cases before the Supreme Court in the fall

— Guantanamo: Do the foreign nationals held at Guantanamo Bay have aright to plead their innocence before a judge? (Boumediene v. Bush) — Voter ID: Can states require all voters to show photo identification attheir polling places ? (Crawford v. Marion County) — Lethal injection : Does an inmate facing execution have a right to…read more