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National neglect and our death penalty struggle

Also in The Daily Texan In August the nation saw the result of months of the Texas anti-death penalty movement’s tireless work: the commutation of Kenneth Foster’s death sentence, mere hours before his scheduled execution. In September the U.S. Supreme Court announced that it would take a Kentucky case to decide if the method of…read more

Sharon Keller's Action Shows How Death Penalty is Haphazard, Capricious

Could Sharon Keller’s action in the Michael Richard case endanger the death penalty itself? Maybe one day her action will be cited to the U.S. Supreme Court as an example of why the death penalty is unconstitutional. The Boston Globe notes in an editorial today entitled “Always Cruel and Unusual” that Michael Richard was executed…read more

Things to remember about executions

Thats title of Bob Ray Sander’s great column on Fort Worth Star-Telegram about Court of Criminal Appeals, Judge Sharon Keller. Remember the names Michael Richard and Carlton Turner. One is dead; one is alive. Both had been given the death penalty in Texas and were scheduled to die within two days of each other last…read more

Dems Dance Around Death Penalty

By Liliana SeguraThe Indypendent When presidential hopeful John Edwards scanned the audience at the start of his session at the YearlyKos Convention in July, one woman looked particularly eager. Presented with the rare opportunity to ask the Democratic candidate a tough question on his credentials for office, Judy from Portland had a more pressing concern….read more

Texas Civil Rights Project might also file a complaint against Judge Sharon Keller

According to today’s Houston Chronicle, Jim Harrington of Texas Civil Rights Project might join other Texas groups such as Texas Moratorium Network and file a complaint against Judge Sharon keller. Any concerned Texan can file a complaint with the State Commission on Judicial Conduct by going to: David Dow, an attorney in the case…read more

Commission on Judicial Conduct should investigate Judge Sharon keller

Texas Court of Criminal Appeals Presiding Judge Sharon Keller closed thecourt’s office at 5 PM on an execution day without consulting any of theother judges on the court. As a result, a man was executed without beingable to have the merits of his last appeal considered by the justice system. To close at 5 PM…read more

Judge Sharon killer must resign!

According to Austin American-Statesman, Texas Court of Criminal Appeals’ Judge Sharon Keller made the decision to close the court at 5 Pm on the day of Michael Richard’s execution, without telling the other judges about it. It is time for Judge Sharon Killer to step down from her position as the Presiding Judge of Texas…read more