Monthly Archives: October 25, 2007

NYT: National Group with 13,000 Lawyers Files Complaint Against Sharon Keller

The New York Times is reporting today that on Wednesday, the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, with 13,000 members nationwide, said it had just sent a complaint against Judge Keller to the Texas Commission on Judicial Conduct, the first judicial complaint the group had ever filed, said its president, Carmen D. Hernandez, of Washington….read more

ACLU and Texas Innocence Network Appeal Innocent

At a hearing today before the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals, theAmerican Civil Liberties Union and the Texas Innocence Network (TIN)argued that death row inmate Max Soffar was unfairly prevented fromproving his innocence at his second trial in 2006. The groups hope tooverturn Soffar’s conviction in the capital murder case of 4 victims shotduring an…read more

The Lariat Online: Group hopes to raise death penalty awareness

Baylor University’s paper The Lariat Online has published an article about the Journey of Hope ‘s visit to their campus. By Amanda AllenReporter The death penalty is reserved for criminals who have committed cruel, inhumane crimes- acts that give their victims and their victims’ loved ones little room for compassion. But the members of Journey…read more

Sharon Keller's controversial rulings

R.G. Ratcliffe of the Houston Chronicle has compiled a list of Sharon Keller’s controversial rulings. • Keller was in the court majority that allowed the 2003 execution of Leonard Rojas to go forward despite a showing that his lawyer had just two years of experience, had his law license suspended three times and had missed…read more

A shame, and a surprise, what Keller did

Joan Cheever has a great column in Houston Chronicle, where she asks “Did Keller close the office at 5 p.m. because she’s dumb or just mean?” Any members of the public can sign on to the complaint by clicking here. So far, more than 800 people have signed on to the general public members complaint…read more

On execution of Michael Dewayne Johnson

On October 19, 2006 my life would change in a drastic way. The truth of the matter is each day/month/year on death row changes me – even if only gradually like drops of water falling onto a rock. The change is there even if only seen by the most vigilant eyes. For me, when a…read more

Killer Keller must resign

Photo by Jana BirchumPublished by The Daily Texan “We close at five.” It took these four words for Texas Court of Criminal Appeals Presiding Judge Sharon Keller to deny a convicted killer’s last appeal. On September 25, the same day the U.S. Supreme Court granted a writ of certiorari to a Kansas inmate questioning the…read more

Journey of Hope in Austin

SPEAK OUT AGAINST THE DEATH PENALTY!WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 23 AT 12PMON THE TEXAS UNION PATIO AT UT Every year the Journey of Hope travels the US speaking against capital punishment. This unique group of people is made up of murder victim family members, exonerated death row prisoners, and family members of death row prisoners. Come hear…read more