Monthly Archives: October 31, 2007

Media coverage of Sharon Keller protest

Keye TV has a good coverage of last night’s protest. Click here for video. Outside the Austin home of a powerful state judge, protestors showed up this Tuesday evening to file an unusual appeal. Scott Cobb, protestor: “She should be removed from office.” They are pleading for the ouster of Judge Sharon Keller, who presides…read more

Daily Texan coverage of Sharon Keller protest

The Daily Texan has a good article about last night’s press conference at Sharon Keller’s home. Even though the lights inside her home were on, she didn’t come out. Surprisingly this time she didn’t call DPS, as she did last year over the website Protest hits home for Texas judge who refused to hear…read more

Video of 8th Annual March to Stop Executions (pt 1)

October 27th 2007, about 500+ people gathered in Houston Texas for the 8th annual march to stop executions. This first clip is excerpts from speakers at Emancipation Park before the march to SHAPE Center. Source: Houston IndyMedia

Monday C-Span: ABA's discussion on death penalty At 11 a.m. Eastern Time (US) on Monday, Oct. 29. 2007, the American Bar Association’s recent discussion and denunciation of capital punishment will be broadcast and Webcast on C-SPAN 3.

Report on the 8th Annual March to Stop Executions in Houston

by Gloria Rubec The organizing committee for the 8th Annual March to Stop Executions thanks everyone who came out yesterday. We feel like we accomplished our goals, educated and motivated activists and energized a new generation for this struggle. There was a diverse cross section of the Houston community attending the march, which was one…read more

Pictures from the 2008 March to Stop Executions in Houston

Picture by Mayra Beltran: Chronicle Alice, left, and Margaret Bradley, right, sisters of former death row inmate Clarence Bradley, chant with marchers at SHAPE Community Center after approximately 200 marchers departing from Emancipation Park walk a mile to SHAPE. Mayra Beltran: Chronicle Barbara Hartfield holds a poster of her brother Joshua Maxwell “Moe” who is…read more

Editorial by Mr. Hood

Mr John Hood, writing for the John Locke Society, is too big for his breeches. Judge Stephens ignores reality is stating that an execution is not a “medical event”. A medical gurney is used—or an operating table: it is designed for no other purpose. Medical tubing is used; it has no other purpose. Drugs are…read more

Houston Chronicle: Anti-execution march moves to Houston

Houston Chronicle has an article about tomorrow’s march to stop executions in Houston. For more directions and march information please visit: Ex-death row inmates to take on Harris County’s sentencing record By ALLAN TURNER Copyright 2007 Houston Chronicle Former death row inmates Clarence Brandley and Kerry Max Cook will be keynote speakers Saturday at…read more

Sharon Keller on CBS Evening New with Katie Couric

CBS Evening News with Katie Couric will report on Sharon Keller’s action to close the court’s door. Keller has said that she didn’t know that Richard’s defense lawyers in Houston were having computer problems when they asked the court for 20 more minutes to deliver their final state appeal to Austin hours before the scheduled…read more