Monthly Archives: August 4, 2007

'I shouldn't have to abandon my humanity, my dignity'

Thats the title of Bob Ray Sander’s second column in Fort Worth Star-Telegram. What started with a group of dedicated activists and a rally in Austin is growing into a national movement as mainstream media picks up his case and local editorial boards take stands. The Board of Pardons and Parole is definitely taking notice…read more

Tell Alberto Gonzales to Slow Down the Death Penalty Fast Track!

When Congress re-authorized the Patriot Act in 2005, it adopted a new procedure intended to speed up death penalty appeals in federal court. Under the new system, individual states may apply to the U.S. Attorney General for “fast-track procedures.” These procedures limit review of death penalty cases in federal court. Before, the courts decided if…read more

Kenneth Foster's letter to Governor Rick Perry

Kenneth E. Foster, Jr.#999232Polunsky Unit (Death Row)3872 FM 350 SouthLivingston, TX 77351 Texas Governor Rick PerryP.O. Box 12428Austin, TX 78711 Dear Governor Perry, Unaware of what I could possibly say that could make a difference, I decided to grasp this opportunity to write to you from my heart, because I believe that God declares for…read more

Kenneth Foster, Jr.: An Innocent Man Texas Will Soon Execute

Thats the title of an opinion by Sean-Paul Kelley in Huffington Post (also on Yahoo news) about execution of Kenneth Foster. You see, one night in August 1996 one of my best friends, Michael LaHood, was murdered by Mauriceo Brown. And Kenneth Foster, Jr. was driving for Mauriceo that night. I don’t know what the…read more