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Jeremy Irons

Actor Jeremy Irons outlines arguments against capital punishment in a clip to support Amnesty International’s campaign against the death penalty.

Don’t conspire to let Foster die

Thats the title of an opinion piece by Heber Taylor of Galveston County News against execution of Kenneth Foster. TMN is reporting that more than 1,200 people have sent emails to each Texas legislator urging a stop to the execution. You can also send an email by clicking here. In a democracy, people have a…read more

Kenneth Foster on The Nation

Here is Peter Rothberg’s blog post on In less than three weeks Kenneth Foster, an African American man sentenced to death in 1997 for the murder of Michael LaHood, is scheduled to be executed in Texas. LaHood’s actual killer, Mauriceo Brown, was executed in 2006. Foster, who was in a car about 100 yards…read more

TEXAS—-countdown to 400

Impending Texas Execution List: Name Date Texas # since 1982 # under Gov. Perry Kenneth Parr August 15 399 160 Johnny Conner August 22 400 161 Daroyce Mosley August 28 401 162 John Amador August 29 402 163 Kenneth Foster August 30 403 164 Tony Roach September 5 404 165 Joseph Lave September 13 405…read more

THOU SHALL NOT KILL: A Night of Solidarity with Kenneth Foster Jr

I just posted it, so those of you who are my friends on myspace, get that out. For those of you who aren’t… why not? Just kidding; here it is: THOU SHALL NOT KILL: A Night of Solidarity with Kenneth Foster JrAugust 18. 2007Carver Cultural Community Centerdoors open at 5pm$5 admission at the doorall-ages The…read more

Kenneth Foster on Democracy Now!

Democracy Now: Thursday, August 9th, 2007The Case of Kenneth Foster: Texas Prepares To Execute Man For Driving A Car Near Scene of MurderListen to Segment || Download Show mp3 Watch 128k stream Watch 256k streamHelp Printer-friendly version Email to a friend Purchase Video/CD Three weeks from today, a 30-year-old African American man on death row…read more

The District Clerk has misplaced Foster's case file

According to San Antonio current, the District Clerk has misplaced Foster’s case file. Losing the case, literally The object of the Queque’s ire this week is three-fold, and we’ll start with the Bexar County District Clerk’s Office by way of Kenneth Foster, innocent man on death row. Regular Questers know that on August 30 the…read more

Tomorrow: Kenneth Foster on Democracy Now with Amy Goodman

As many of you know, the Court of Criminal Appeals has denied Kenneth’s final appeal. That takes the matter mostly out of the courtroom and puts it in the hands of the governor and the Board of Pardons and Paroles. It also makes it ever more urgent for us to fight on all possible fronts…read more

Sentenced to die for having seen a crime

Thats the title of an article by the French daily paper Le Monde. The article is in French, however here is the English translation. Le MondeNicolas BourcierAugust 4th, 2007 DR for death row. Two initials marked on Kenneth Foster’s whitepants. Two indelible letters to underline, as if it were necessary,that the countdown has started. Since…read more