Monthly Archives: August 21, 2007

Live blogging from the Governor's Mansion

7:00 PM Hundreds of protesters have arrived at the Governor’s Mansion demanding Governor Rick Perry to stop execution of Kenneth Foster. 7:10 PM Half of the Lavaca street is filled with protesters. 7:15 PM People have blocked Lava street. If you are in Austin area you should come and check it out. Its an amazing…read more

Lethal Drugs: Divesting from Texas

Texas Moratorium Network’s blog has posted English version of an article published by Norwatch. The article addresses the Norwegian Oil Funds investment in companies that produce the lethal drugs used in executions. Later, Norway’s leading television station, NRK, picked up the issue and ran it as the lead story on the evening news. As According…read more

Are words dangerous?

Thats the title of Dave Zirin’s great column on last Sunday’s Star-Telegram: By DAVE ZIRINSpecial to the Star-Telegram Who knew sports history could strike fear in the most fearsome prison system in the United States? But what other explanation could there be for the fact that the history of “America’s Pastime” is being denied to…read more

EU urges Texas to halt executions

08/21/2007Associated Press The European Union on Tuesday urged the governor of Texas to halt executions and introduce a moratorium on capital punishment in the United States’ busiest death penalty state. In an unusual direct appeal, the EU said Texas Gov. Rick Perry must “exercise all powers vested in his office” to halt the impending 400th…read more

Kenneth Foster Youtube campaign update

We are asking everyone who has a webcam to record a statement and upload it to YouTube saying why Texas Governor Rick Perry and the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles should stop the execution of Kenneth Foster on August 30, 2007. We hope people who make video statements will also send an email to…read more

Crazy Texas proves its worthlessness once again

Thats the title of a letter to the Editor published by The Herald-Argus: Nobody likes Texas. Or, nobody should like Texas. Has there been anything worth merit to come from this backward state? The most recent abhorrent decision made by these crazy folks is the execution of one Kenneth Foster (or, scheduled to be). Who…read more

Kenneth Foster on ESPN

Finally a Kenneth Foster support coalition called Jucks For Justice is getting some media attention. The following article is from ESPN’s website. There is also a possible coverage on HBO’s Real Sports in the coming weeks. Here is a 45 minute interview between Kenneth and KXAN from death-row. Even News4WOAI has some coverage too. What…read more

Man to Be Executed, Although Prosecutors Say He Didn't Kill

Thats the title of ABC News article on Kenneth Foster’s execution. Tonight at 6:30 PM there is going to be a Family Roundtable in Carver Library (At Rosewood Ave. and Angelina St). …The legal dispute in the case centers on what Foster knew was going to happen when Brown exited the vehicle, according to legal…read more