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Sam Milsap's letter to Texas Board of Parons and Paroles

August 27, 2007 Texas Board of Pardons and ParolesP. O. Box 13401Austin, Texas 78711-3401 RE: Kenneth Foster To the Honorable Members of the Board: I am writing to urge you to recommend clemency in the Kenneth Foster case. I am no wild-eyed, pointy-headed liberal. I am the former elected BexarCounty District Attorney (1983-1987); I am…read more


The final push is on to save Kenneth Foster, Jr. from execution on Thursday.The Save Kenneth Foster Campaign — a coalition of activists and Foster’s extended family — has been working to stop the execution of a man who killed no one — who was convicted, essentially, for driving a car, for being at the…read more

AMA code of ethics on capital punishment

The American Medical Association’s code of ethics says that while it is an individual decision whether to support the death penalty, doctors should not participate in executions because they are members “of a profession dedicated to preserving life when there is hope of doing so.” It defines participation as: – Any action that would directly…read more

Executing this man is bloodlust, not justice

Thats title of the opinion piece by San Marcos attorney Lamar Hankins against execution of Kenneth Foster on today’s Waco Tribune. You might have missed the story. After all, the football season is starting, and we had all the excitement of a tax-free weekend. But Texas is about to execute an innocent man, that is,…read more

Dallas Morning News Come Out in Favor of Kenneth

Today another Texas paper, Dallas Morning News came in support of Kenneth Foster. Kenneth Foster was a robber. He was a drug user. He was a teenager making very bad decisions. He is not an innocent man. But Mr. Foster is not a killer. Still, the State of Texas plans to put him to death…read more

Video of civil disobedience at the governor's mansion

About 200 members of Kenneth Foster’s family, friends, and supporters rallied on Tuesday in Austin to demand that Governor Rick Perry hear the Foster family’s pleas for clemency. In a dramatic turn, six activists sat down to block the gates of the Governor’s mansion in a physical demonstration of solidarity with Foster’s non-cooperation with the…read more

Texas' 400th execution

Yesterday I joined the Death Penalty Abolition Movement in Houston protesting execution of Ray Conner at the Old Hanging Tree. Here is what Houston Chronicle has to say. They also have posted a short video from the protest online. The execution was the 400th in the nation’s most active death penalty state since the U.S….read more

Letters from Death-Row

We received the following message from Kenneth announcing that he and John Joe Amador will protest their executions starting tomorrow, August 22. Like Kenneth, John is from Bexar County. He is scheduled to be executed on August 29. In the name of Human Rights; all religious doctrines of Peace, Love and Forgiveness; and in the…read more