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Not the Killer, but Still Facing a Date With the Executioner

Thats the title of Ralph Blumenthal’s article on NY Times. HOUSTON, Aug. 29 — Kenneth Foster has a date on Thursday with the executioner’s needle. Not for killing anyone himself, but for what he was doing — and might have been thinking — the night in 1996 when he was 19 and a sidekick gunned…read more

Haramia KiNassor/Kenneth Foster, Jr. Transferred Clandestinely

By Walidah Imarisha The indignities in Haramia KiNassor/Kenneth Foster, Jr.’s case climbs asKiNassor was transferred to Huntsville Prison, aka the Walls, where theexecutions take place. Death row Inmates are usually transferred toHuntsville at noon the day of their execution. But because KiNassor has beendeemed a “security threat,” he was transferred early, without prior noticeto him…read more

An Archbishop Speaks Out on Kenneth Foster's Case

Roman Catholic Archbishop Daniel N. DiNardo has called for Kenneth Foster’s death sentence to be commuted. An excerpt: On behalf of the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston, I urge you to recommend clemency for Kenneth Foster who is scheduled to be executed on August 30, 2007.Although Mr. Foster did not murder, intend to murder, or know that…read more

Sen. Kirk Watson responds

My friend Krista Cole just received this letter from her representative in the Texas Legislature. He mentions “our State’s problem with the use of Capital Punishment.” It seems that the criticism of Texas around the world is starting to influence the legislature. Dear Krista, Thank you for writing to me regarding the scheduledexecution of Kenneth…read more

City of Rome supports kenneth Foster

Italian authorities have announced that they will light the Coloseum in Rome tomorrow night in support of stopping Kenneth Foster’s execution. The lighting will begin around 2 PM Texas time.

Tomorrow's Execution

Tomorrow I will be traveling to Huntsville, Texas protesting the state murder of Kenneth Foster. I will try to do some audio blogging during the day, including some interviews with the protesters and Kenneth’s family members. Just come back to this blog for updates. By this weekend I will have some video footage of the…read more

BPP did NOT make a decsion on Kenneth Foster

Taken from TMN blog: The Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles did NOT make a decision today on the case of Kenneth Foster, Jr. There was a crowd of about 75 people who had gathered at the governor’s mansion in Austin waiting on the decision, but it never came. Now, we expect a decision tomorrow….read more

Another stain on justice, Texas style

Thats title of a last minute editorial by the Austin American-Statesman calling on Governor. Perry and the Board of Pardons and Parole to “spare a life, uphold justice and bring a semblance of honor to Texas this week…” Gov. Rick Perry can spare a life, uphold justice and bring a semblance of honor to Texas…read more

Kenneth Foster update

We are expecting a decision from Board of Pardons and Parole regarding Kenneth Foster anytime now. Democracy Now is reporting that former President Jimmy Carter and South African archbishop Desmond Tutu have urged Texas to stop Thursday’s scheduled execution of death row prisoner Kenneth Foster. Meanwhile Dissident Voice is reporting that Rep. Charlie Rangel has…read more

Interview with Kenneth Foster and John Amador

Former SA Current reporter, David Maass recorded these interviews with Kenneth Foster and John “Ash” Amador on July 25, 2007. He has donated these great raw interview files to the public domain, which means any of you indepedent producers out there (whether it be blogs, podcasts, radio, video) can feel free to chop out the…read more