Monthly Archives: April 26, 2007

Supreme Court throws out 3 death sentences

The Supreme Court threw out death sentences from Texas because of problems with instructions given jurors who were deciding between life in prison and death. UT’s Capital Punishment Clinic and the Supreme Court Clinic represented all three cases. For more information about their success read Supreme Persuasion by Laura Castro. Capital Defense Weekly has more…read more

8-1: I am no Henry Fonda

….taken from diaries of Judge Sharon killer. Also don’t forget to check out her updated myspace profile playing The Night The Lights by Vicki Lawrence. Have you ever seen that old movie with Henry Fonda called “12 Angry Men” about a murder trial where everyone on the jury votes to convict except one person who…read more

On Rights (and Wrongs)

TSADP has been hosting a series of death penalty essay contests for the last two years. The TSADP Essay Contest is open to all 11th and 12th grade Texas high school students. To participate, students had to write an essay explaining why a moratorium on executions is necessary in Texas. Essays were judged on both…read more

Kerry Max Cook speaks at UT Law school

Reexamining incarceration: A Discussion on Civil Rights and the Prison System April 17, 2007 12:00 – Catered Lunch (Free!) Kerry Max Cook, author of Chasing Justice exonerated after spending two decades on Texas ’ death row for a crime he did not commit (Please RSVP for lunch to tjclcr@law.utexas. edu) 1:30 – Panel : “Juvenile…read more

Dallas Morning News calls for ABOLITION

After 100 years supporting the death penalty, today the conservative Dallas morning News called for an end to Texas’ death penalty system. According to their editorial, Death no more: It’s time to end capital punishment: And that uncomfortable truth [the execution of innocent] has led this editorial board to re-examine its century-old stance on the…read more

Perry Set to Tie Bush's Execution Record Tonight

Governor Perry is about to equal the record of executions while in office that was set by former Governor Bush. 152 people were executed by Bush while he was governor. On April 11, Perry could reach number 152 if James Lee Clark is executed at 6:00 pm, as scheduled. Clark would be the 12th inmate…read more

Anderson Cooper 360*

CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360, which airs at 10 p.m. East Coast time (check your local listings) is expected to air an investigative piece on Cameron Todd Willingham tonight. Willingham – one of four people featured in NCADP’s report, “Innocent and Executed: Four Chapters in the Life of America’s Death Penalty” – was executed in Texas…read more

on execution of Joseph Nichols…

by Charles “Chucky” Mamou I’m standing on my folded mattress peeking through the thin frame window that is located on the back of my cell’s wall. Beyond layers upon layers of gated fences, razor wires, and look-out towers, it seems so peaceful, so radiant, and for a split second, I wish I could have been…read more