Monthly Archives: January 11, 2007

Tough on Crime

There is a great editorial in today’s Dallas Morning News about the tough on crime politicians in Texas and the so called Jessica’s laws: The worst idea floated in Austin would have Texas join five other states andallow the death penalty for sex crimes against children. As unforgivable as thatcrime is, it doesn’t warrant a…read more

Justice for Rodney Reed Rally at the Texas Capitol

In 1998, Rodney Reed was convicted and sentenced to death for the 1996 murder of 19-year-old Stacy Stites in Bastrop, Texas. His habeas corpus appeal has been denied. But there is troubling evidence that Reed is innocent of this crime. And there was a pattern of police and prosecutorial misconduct that puts his conviction in…read more


Thank you to all the wonderful people who have been signing the petition at and have been spreading the word about the injustice that Nazanin Fatehi is facing in Iran. Many of you are asking what you can do further? 1. Learn about the case and watch a 30 min documentary called “The Tale…read more

TSADP Death Penalty Essay contest

Deadline for entries is Feb 1st, 2007 The TSADP Essay Contest is open to all 11th and 12th grade Texas high school students. To participate, you must write an essay explaining why a moratorium on executions is necessary in Texas. Essays are judged on both style and content. The winning essay must demonstrate an outstanding…read more

The Year in Death

Taken from Capital Defense Weekly: WAPO offers “The Year in Death,” a brutal condemnation of the death penalty 2006. THE YEAR 2006 saw the fewest executions in the United States in a decade, 53. The use of capital punishment has been dropping since 1999, when 98 people were executed. The number of new death sentences…read more