Monthly Archives: December 29, 2006

Ramsey Clark on planned execution of Saddam Hussein, other defendants in Iraq

“The sudden decision of the so-called appeals court in Iraq, which did not take the time to examine the trial record and defense briefs, has set the stage for the imminent execution of Saddam Hussein, two other defendants and the surrender of four other defendants to the Iraqi government, exposing them to summary executions, torture…read more

Creating More Victims: How Executions Hurt the Families Left Behind

National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty has started a ten-part series based on the groundbreaking report, Creating More Victims: How Executions Hurt the Families Left Behind. This series was prepared with the assistance of Murder Victims’ Families for Human Rights and is running in conjunction with the holiday season. You can read the first…read more

Florida and California suspend executions

Jeb Bush suspended all executions in Florida after a medical examiner said Friday that prison officials botched the insertion of the needles when a convicted killer was put to death earlier this week. Separately, a federal judge in California extended a moratorium on executions in the nation’s most populous state, declaring that the state’s method…read more

Families of homicide victims, executed face similar ef fects

By Kiah CollierThe Daily Texan Surviving family members of homicide victims and of those who have been executed by the state suffer similar psychological consequences, according to a report released Sunday by Murder Victims’ Families for Human Rights, an anti-death penalty group. The report, titled “Creating More Victims: How Executions Hurt the Families Left Behind,”…read more

Student Death Penalty Speech

Student play explores death penalty

By Vianna DavilaExpress-News The last words on the convicted killer’s lips were, “I love you.” A crowd hovered around him as he prepared to die by injection — the ghosts of the teenage couple he killed; the parents determined to avenge their deaths; and the nun who pledged to be with him as he was…read more

Shrine For LuisArt installation designed by Baroness Carrie von Reichardt as a tribute to Death Row victim Luis Ramirez. Soundscape by Paul Blackwood incorporating some of Luis’ favourite music and excerpts from KDOL radio’s broadcast – the Luis Ramirez Show to mark his execution.