Monthly Archives: November 10, 2006

Venting — 24 Hours of Hell

In less than 24 hours I have left work and driven like a bat out of hell with 4 fellow activists so that I could be in Huntsville by 5:30 to protest the murder of Willie Shannon and then gone to court this morning so that Harris “Kill ’em All” County could set an execution…read more

Texas Inmates Protest Conditions With Hunger Strikes

Ralph Blumenthal of New York Times has an article on Texas death-row hunger strikers. The Texas Department of Criminal Justice said that the first inmates began refusing food Oct. 8 and that two were still on hunger strikes in the Polunsky prison unit in Livingston, about 45 miles east of the execution unit in Huntsville….read more

Midnight results

GOVERNOR-TEXAS Total Reporting:77% Name (Party) Votes Pct. Rick Perry (R) 1,432,912 39% Chris Bell (D) 1,067,713 29% Carole Keeton Strayhorn (I) 656,847 18% Kinky Friedman (I) 447,185 12% James Werner (L) 21,848 0% James ‘Patriot’ Dillon (WI) 706 0% ATTORNEY GENERAL-TEXAS Total Reporting:77% Name (Party) Votes Pct. Greg Abbott (R) 2,130,379 60% David Van Os…read more

11 pm returns

Texas:Precincts Reporting: 5878 Of 8510 69% Winner Candidate Incumbent Votes Vote % X Rick Perry (R) X 1,334,672 39% Chris Bell (D) 1,015,268 30% Carole Strayhorn (I) 611,801 18% Kinky Friedman (I) 413,972 12% James Werner (L) 20,204 1% Precincts Reporting: 4827 Of 8510 56% Winner Candidate Incumbent Votes Vote % X Sharon Keller (R)…read more

10 PM results

Precincts Reporting: 3251 Of 8510 38% Winner Candidate Incumbent Votes Vote % X Rick Perry (R) X 979,301 39% Chris Bell (D) 724,699 30% Carole Strayhorn (I) 445,701 18% Kinky Friedman (I) 284,650 12% James Werner (L) 13,892 1% ——————————————————————– Precincts Reporting: 1693 Of 8510 19% Winner Candidate Incumbent Votes Vote % Sharon Keller (R)…read more

State vs. Reed

If you haven’t yet gotten a chance to watch the award-winningdocumentary “State vs. Reed,” then you’re in luck. KLRU (Austin’s PBSaffiliate) has just recently begun a new series that will featureseveral of the best films from the 2006 SXSW Film Festival. “Statevs. Reed” will be aired this Tuesday evening (11/7) at 7pm on KLRU aspart…read more

Students protest death penalty at Capitol

A group of students marched down State Street to the Wisconsin Capitol Wednesday in protest of an advisory death-penalty referendum that will be on the Wisconsin ballot Nov. 7.Source: Badger Herald

Saddam Hussein sentenced to death

Former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein is sentenced to death by hanging after being convicted of crimes against humanity by a Baghdad court.– BBC News

Editorial: Austin American Statesman

Legislature should starve appeals court The criminal appeals court should be put out of business because the court has failed in its obligations. Saturday, November 04, 2006 At some point, the Texas Legislature must weigh whether it should continue directing tens of millions of public dollars to a court that is failing in its most…read more