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Death Penalty Protestors March to City Hall

Here is Fox 7 Austin’s coverage of the annual march. Also Austin American Statesman has published the first part of a two-day, multi-article series by Chuck Lindell on the failures in the Texas habeas corpus appeals process.How ever they have not published anything about the annual march!

David Van Os on Abbott's Proposed Death Penalty for Child Sex Predators

Here is a great statement by David Van Os, the democratic candidate for the Texas Attorney general about the death penalty for child sex predators. Recently the republican attorney general, Greg Abbott has been promoting the death penalty for child sex offenders in TV ads. David Mass of the San Antonio Current has an interesting…read more

7th Annual March to Stop Executions

7th Annual March to Stop Executions “Innocent People Have Been Executed” Saturday, October 28th, 2006Austin, Texas 10 AM – 3 PM Brunch by Inside Books Project (300 Allen Street) $5 All you can eat, kids free (more info on brunch below) Noon – Press conference with speakers from march, including family members of Cameron Todd…read more

Vote Smart: Texas Gubernatorial Election

James Werner (Libertarian Party) Supports abolition of the Death Penalty Chris Bell (Democrat) Supports an innocence commission and also moratorium on executions Richard “Kinky” Friedman (Independent) Supports a moratorium on executions Carole Keeton Strayhorn (aka Grandma) Supports the Death Penalty Governor Rick Perry (Republican incumbent) Supports the Death PenaltyGov. Rick Perry wants the death penalty…read more

Michael Johnson kills himself before execution

At 3:30 AM today Michael Johnson (# 999198) took his life in his “death watch” cell by slitting his throat. In his own blood, he wrote on the wall of the cell “I didn’t do it.”Michael Johnson, now 26 years old has been sitting on Texas’s death row since 1996 for a crime, which he…read more

A titty bar, a lap dance and a Texas conservative judge

Cross-posted on TMN blog and Burnt Orange Report We have written before about the poor judgement that Sharon Keller has shown as presiding judge of the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals. Check out the article below from The Dallas Observer in 1999. Seems poor judgement was part of her business life too. After the article…read more

Jump to Stop Executions

After a few requests for the skydiving video, I decided to post it online. I hope you enjoy the video.

News Alert

Forum to focus on reinstating death penaltyChetek Alert – WI, United States… an upcoming advisory referendum that will appear on the November ballot concerning the State of Wisconsin and the possibility of reinstating the death penalty. … Death penalty being invoked against child molestersFrost Illustrated – Fort Wayne,IN,USANEW YORK (NNPA)- Politicians in primarily southern US…read more

Quote of the Week

«You will never hear another sound like a mother wailing whenever she is watching her son be executed. There’s no other sound like it. It is just this horrendous wail and you can’t get away from it … That wail surrounds the room. It’s definitely something you won’t ever forget.» — Leighanne Gideon, former reporter…read more