Monthly Archives: September 6, 2006

death penalty updates

The government should abolish capital punishment and accelerate development in island provinces throughout the country, the 13th Catholic Youth National Congress in Ambon says. “We renounce the death penalty because God has given life to humans so that they can live freely, and only God has the right to take (life) back, not fellow humans,”…read more

Sharon Keller on MySpace

Check out the Sharon Keller profile on MySpace before Sharon Keller has it deleted again. The address is As someone wrote in a posting on Burntorangereport, “Anyone interested in the Texas tradition of arbitrarily applying the death penalty and JR Molina’s campaign to bring justice to Texas’ highest criminal court has got to check…read more

Grant Rusting – New Anti-Death Penalty Candidate?

Former Libertarian Party candidate and now Republican Party candidate for Texas 25th Congressional District expressed his concern over the Texas criminal justice system, when he joined anti-death penalty candidates in front of the governor’s mansion during the execution of Justin Fuller. Grant Rusting is running against incumbent Democrat Lloyd Doggett for Congress, hoping to represent…read more

Quote of the Week

“…the “right” to a fair and impartial jury of our peers; the “right” to represent oneself; the “right” to a fair trial, even. They’re not rights; they’re privileges of the powerful and rich. For the powerless and the poor, they are chimeras that vanish once one reaches out to claim them as something real or…read more

State Vs Rodney Reed trailer

“State vs. Reed” is a 60 minute documentary that explores an explosive capital murder trial in Texas that has resulted in a questionable death penalty conviction of Bastrop, Texas’ Rodney Reed. Reed, a then-28 year-old black male with a minor criminal record, was convicted in 1998 of the murder of Stacey Stites, a 19 year-old…read more

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