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Why is the US turning away from the death penalty?

In yesterday’s edition of the Taipei Times, Decca Aitkenhead explored the growing success of the anti-death-penalty lobby. Today, Aitkenhead discovers how the lobby must compromise on its rhetoric to win people over to its cause. According to NCADP’s David Elliot, “you see that the death penalty is literally withering on the vine.” You can read…read more is up!

Howard Guidry is facing execution for a crime he did not commit. 18 year-old Howard Guidry was forced by lying, intimidating police to confess to a crime he did not commit. With this forced confession as well as hearsay testimony from the suspected killer’s girlfriend, the state of Texas locked up Howard for a crime…read more

Annual March to Stop Executions

Get on the Bus From Houston: Bus tickets are $20.00. Call or email TDPAM in Houston to reserve a seat or buy a ticket for a student, a senior or a person on fixed income who wants to go. or call 713-503-2633.

Cory Maye No Longer on Death Row!

CBS News blog, Public Eye has an interesting article about the Cory Maye’s case and the power of blogosphere. Read Radley Balko, who wrote for Reason an amazing and infuriating feature story about Cory Maye’s unjust sentencing for shooting a police officer who burst into his home in the dead of night unannounced. See Radley’s…read more

Tookie Williams Execution – Rough Cut

I was at San Quentin for the protest of Stanley “Tookie” Williams’ execution. This is a rough cut with horrible audio but I wanted to get something up quickly. – J Buckley

Judge Sharon Killer seeks advice from public

In response to the The Houston Chronicle that Brandy Del Briggs is seeking to regain custody of the child she had lost custody of after she was “wrongfully” convicted of murdering her other child, Judge Sharon Killer is seeking advice from her blog readers. I have come to expect the U.S. Supreme Court to overrule…read more

Belly of the Beast: The Struggle for Abolition in Texas

Friends and Fellow Abolitionists,The Austin chapter of Campaign to End the Death Penalty invites you toattend our first large public meeting of the new school year. Theevent will take place during our usual weekly meeting time, at 7pm, onMonday, September 18th, in NOA 1.116 on the UT campus.The title for the evening is “Belly of…read more

Olbermann on Neal Boortz: "[H]e's also a racist? OK"

Summary: On MSNBC’s Countdown, host Keith Olbermann named conservative radio host Neal Boortz runner-up for “Worst Person in World” for predicting that riots and looting by “aspiring rappers and NBA superstars” would erupt if Stanley “Tookie” Williams did not receive a last-minute commutation of his death penalty. Nationally syndicated radio host Neal Boortz earned the…read more

Death Penalty news

EU Must Press Pakistan’s Musharraf On Death Penalty Issue: – Targu Mures,Romania… International on Monday called on the European Union to urge Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf to line up the abolishment of the death penalty in his country … Candidates sound off on gay marriage, death penaltyMonroe Times – Monroe,WI,USA… Should Wisconsin have a…read more