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The Awful Truth: Bush Bowl 2000 Jeb Vs. George

Florida has the honor of leading the nation in the number of people sentenced to death, then later released after either being found innocent or having received an unfair trial (In this contest, Texas is tied for 3rd with Oklahoma). Jeb’s solution to this problem was to support legislation that limits the appeals death row…read more

Another victory for Texas!

According to The Houston Chronicle: State prison officials reversed course today on restricting death row visitors who have traveled more than 300 miles to 1 special 8-hour visit per trip. Special visits, which consist of two four-hour sessions on consecutive days, are permitted once a month. But long-distance travellers who arrive late in a month…read more

Funny Video – Jeb Bush is being asked about the death penalty

This video clip is part of the Bush Bowl 2000 episode of the award winning Awfull Truth series by Michael Moore. Jeb stands no hope of winning if he doesn’t have a team, like the one George does! Come back tomorrow to watch the full episode (30:00 minutes).


Governor Rick Perry and Texas Court of Criminal Appeals – You are on NOTICE, Colbert-style!

George Bush and Death Penalty in Texas

According to BBC, US President George Bush has reaffirmed his support for the death penalty, following the 1,000th execution since it was reintroduced in 1976. White House spokesman Scott McClellan said Mr Bush “strongly supports” the death penalty because “ultimately it helps save innocent lives”. Speaking to reporters in Washington, Mr McClellan said: “When it’s…read more

Penn and Teller explain the Deterrence issue on Bullshit!

Session 4, Episode 3We understand the feelings of rage felt by crime victims and their families. But – studies show there is no deterrent effect to State executions. And, DNA evidence has exonerated 122 men formerly on death row! If we’re killing inmates to satisfy a primitive emotion, if we can’t be sure the criminal…read more

Court TV: An interview with Richard Hinojosa

Richard Hinojosa was convicted of stabbing his neighbor, then dumping her naked body off a dirt road. With his appeals exhausted, he continues to deny his guilt. In a death row interview with, he spoke about his violent past, his Cherokee heritage, string theory, and his spiritual awakening in prison. The transcript and video…read more

Protest the execution of Richard Hinojosa

Urge Texas Governor Rick Perry toStop the Execution of Richard Hinojosascheduled for Aug 17, 2006 Richard Hinojosa is scheduled for execution on August 17, 2006 for the murder of Terry Wright, whose body was found on May. 10, 1994. She had been raped and stabbed eleven times. Several days later Richard Hinojosa, who suffered from…read more

The Execution of A Teenage Girl – Update!

In the early morning hours of a gloomy day in August of 2004, a 16 year old girl by the name of Atefeh Sahaaleh Rajabi, was executed in public. Imam Haji Rezai, the powerful head of the Islamic judiciary in the city of Neka, the same Muslim Cleric who had sentenced Atefeh to death, personally…read more

Comments from our readers!

There are no such things as proven criminals in any justice system in place today so there is no way to prove that someone is guilty of a crime completely. Along with that fact looming over your head you also have the idea of which is the greater punishment, a quick semi-painful death, or a…read more