Monthly Archives: February 28, 2006

Student Government resolutions

The Lamar University Student Government Association will read, hear public comment on, and vote on a resolution calling for a moratorium on executions in Texas. Aron Agustsson, President of Lamar University Students Against the Death Penalty (LUSADP), authored and brought the resolution forward for consideration. Over the last few weeks, LUSADP has been sending members…read more

Stop AOL's e-mail tax

The very existence of online civic participation and the free Internet as we know it are under attack by America Online. AOL recently announced what amounts to an “email tax.” Under this pay-to-send system, large emailers willing to pay an “email tax” can bypass spam filters and get guaranteed access to people’s inboxes—with their messages…read more

Mike Badnarik and Supreme Court

Austin – Former Libertarian party candidate for President and know candidate for congress in district 10 of Texas spoke on February 12th in Austin at the Alamo Drafthouse Theater to a mixed crowd of proud Texas third party voters, and numerous members of Texas Students Against the Death Penalty. In a symbolic and sympathetic move…read more

A video of last year's Spring Break

Last year, Sarah Garrahan, one of the people who attended the 2005 anti-death penalty alternative spring break made a 13 minute video about it. Her video has scenes with several of the people who participated, including Senator Leticia Van de Putte, Rep Harold Dutton, Martha Cotera, Delia Perez Meyer, Ambreen Rahman, Hooman Hedayati, Les Breeding,…read more

2006 Anti-Death Penalty Spring Break

Register Online Alternative spring break? Alternative Spring Breaks are designed to give students something more meaningful to do during their week off, rather than just spending time at the beach or sitting at home catching up on school work. The specific purpose of this Alternative Spring Break is to bring students to Austin for five…read more